Freitag, 21. September 2012

the only safety is in softness and beauty.


Be ordinary and humble and don’t set yourself up over others. Try to melt into the background and become no one. It is so liberating. See if you can walk through a crowded airport or railway station with nobody looking at you. For in the strange alignment of being somebody in your quiet feelings, in your silence, and nobody for everyone else, you walk away from the destiny of the world where everyone is pushing to be heard, pushing to be someone. Their world is very dangerous, your world doesn’t have to be. Be like those that can walk through a wall without any single molecule of the wall knowing they are there.
In social situations don’t talk about your successes and neither should you mention your weaknesses. Instead talk about the sunrise and the wind and the way otters sleep with one leg tied to a lump of seaweed. Talk about god’s world not real estate prices in the suburbs. Never be flashy, those times have gone. Be anonymous and stay to one side. My old teacher would often say, “He who walks up the middle of the road gets hit from both directions.” He was right.
The more you elevate yourself the more deadly you become to others and you open yourself up as ghoul-food. Whenever you fail on softness just reaffirm your alignment and make time for the soft things of life. The meek inherit the earth because the Forces of Light go naturally to softness and there they find the humility of those that have the same softness and they protect them and lead them to safety. For in the end we have to go back to a soft, caring world, in order for this planet to survive. That transition is now beginning to take place.

Bye for Now.  Stuart Wilde.

*Everything that is holy and good starts out as symmetrical. This is because we live in a mathematically elegant universe, which is almost perfectly symmetrical. Everything ghoulish is bent out of shape (asymmetrical). Because, for example, in humans, your inner emotions and feelings eventually bleed through to your physical body and so your eyes and mouth and your overall face shape are gradually bent out of symmetry over the years. Your mouth slopes or your lips go thin and so forth.
If you pretend to be nice while inwardly being rather vile you can hold the pretense of symmetry for a while but eventually your inner state bends you to show the truth. And that carries you away to where others are that are equally asymmetrical. Birds of a bent feather flock together. SW"

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