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important factors for creating prosperity

 via oceanofsilence /  Frederick Dodson
These are the factors that, in my experience, create abundance and money.

1. Attractor Fields

The most important factor really is "the law of attraction" by which you get more and more of what you already have. If you are already rich, it is easier to gain the same amount or more. If, on the other hand, you are not rich, you will need plenty of effort to get out of your old attractor-field. Keep in mind that the attractor-field of richness does not mind giving (services, products, money) and does not think about money as such too often (and if so, then in a friendly way).

2. Belief in Higher Sources

As already shown in Prosperity Consciousness, people who believe they live in an abundant universe that can provide for them are statistically richer than those who do not believe so. Seen from this birds-eye-view not only money itself is seen as abundance but also material resources, information, friends, and anything else under the sun. Limiting the Universe to "money only", looking only at numbers to define ones success, actually cuts off the flow of abundance.

3. Effort

Unless you are vibrating in an attractor-field and momentum of prosperity emotionally, in action, and in your environment, you will require effort to create prosperity. X amount of effort creates X amount of result. It is often secondary what exactly you put your effort into. The primary factor is the intention behind the effort.
Effort is not quite as big of a factor as attractor-fields and Universe but sometimes some effort is required to earn the effortlessness of those places.

4. Expertise

A nearly equal part as effort is played by your expertise in any field. People who are experts in something are more likely to be paid for it. Expertise means you have focused enough time and attention on something and can therefore help people who do not know about the particular skill or subject. This may also include financial expertise but it really applies to all kinds of expertise.

Looking more closely you can see that these four factors are interrelated. In order to gain expertise in anything, some effort is needed. Once you have expertise, you more easily enter its attractor-field. But if you are already in the attractor field of prosperity, you more easily attract more knowledge and with it more expertise. So the path to prosperity for anyone, anywhere is to hang out in the field of prosperous thoughts, actions and places (instead of thinking about money), giving, requesting support from high up, working (effort), and becoming an expert in something you then provide to others.
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